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Welcome to the Language Factory

Learning Languages through Song, Rap and Rhyme.
Use the power of music and rhythm to subconsciously learn languages!
For use by teachers and parents. Suitable for all children (aged 0 – 10)… and fun loving adults!
Come and Explore the Language Factory Below

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About Language Factory

The Language Factory downloads can be used by both parents at home or by teachers as part of foreign and English language provision in Primary and early Secondary school.

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What People Are Saying

“Conversations and songs can be learnt in short simple soundbites and the language is authentic and relevant to the children’s lives. Thank you so much. Keep them coming!”

- Yr 5 Teacher, London

“I use the Language Factory ¡Español! ¡Español! range with all grades even 14 year olds! The songs are perfect to revise basic vocabulary.”

- Teacher and Language Blogger, England

“I love your method English! English!! I use these tools for teaching kids and me too! It is very difficult for teachers with old, boring methods. This is an innovation!”

- Teacher of English, Italy

“I have a teenage boy who lives with his earphones in his ears! By downloading your songs from Deutsch! Deutsch! on to his phone he is exposed to 100% more German than he would normally be exposed to. He listens to your German songs and raps on the bus and they stay in his head!”

- Pleased parent, England

“Français! Français! is a fabulous resource, used by all our year groups. It is clearly laid out and simple to use. I cannot recommend the Language Factory resources highly enough. Based on familiar language topics, it provides a great starting point for the specialist and non-specialist alike”

- French Teacher, England

Our Language Products

Our resources are currently available in:

French – Français! Français!
Spanish – ¡Español! ¡Español!
German – Deutsch! Deutsch!
Italian – Italiano! Italiano!
English (EFL) – English! English!

The Language Factory provides comprehensive downloads containing audio teaching songs, raps and conversations, e-songbooks, flashcards and activities including basic assessments.

Our audio teaching songs are also available in CD format.

Schools can also have access to Language Factory Resources through our annual school licence scheme.


Français! Français!

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¡Español! ¡Español!

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Italiano! Italiano!

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Video Corner

1. Introduction

This video shows Language Factory Songs and Raps being taught in schools worldwide, explaining the simple, effective methodology.
See how the children enthusiastically learn complete chunks of language by mimicking, singing and acting out the meaning.
Examples from various Primary schools worldwide.

2. How Does it Work?

Watch how the learning of several songs at an early age, can result in language retention and speech progression.
Examples of speech progression in French by pupils ages 7 to 10 in Scotland.

3. Resources Explained

Watch how The Language Factory’s flexible resources can be integrated into any language lesson to liven it up.
Examples of the topic related e-songbook available in pdf format, and audio content in mp3 format. Available as Downloads or CDs.

4. Teacher’s CD ROM

See the comprehensive range of activities available for teachers to use that accompany the Language Factory songs and raps.

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