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Run your own club

Would you like to run your own langauge club? After school and lunchtime clubs are always popular and a great way to earn a little extra income. The Language Factory materials are easy to use whether you're a parent, teacher or language professional. Our songs and raps are designed to make learning fun and simple for children of primary or secondary school age.

Here To Help You

We are here to support and help you run your after school or lunchtime club through providing training and a friendly monitoring service.

Speak to your local school or community centre and secure a venue. We can then assist you with simple lesson plans, supporting resources and ideas for activites for small groups.

If you’re interested then please get in touch to find out more.


Year 5 Teacher

"My Year 5 class have been belting out 'Quel est ton sport préférée' from your Français! Français! range. They are really internalising the language. Classes have the urge to chant automatically without instigation from me! Conversations and songs can be learnt in short simple soundbites and the language is authentic and relevant to the children's lives. Thank you so much. Keep them coming!" - Christine Prowse, King Alfred School, London, England

Teacher of English

"Hi! Language Factory! I come from a very small village in the South of Italy. I love your method English! English!! I use these tools for teaching kids and me too! It is very difficult for teachers with old, boring methods. This is an innovation! Thank you and my compliments for your work!" -Sara Pantone, Pomarico, Italy

The British School of Chicago

"Dear Language Factory. I have just finished teaching 'Football, el Football' to my year 6 students from your ¡Español! ¡Español! range. Your method, learning through song is an excellent way for the children to learn. The songs are fun, easy to learn and feature RELEVANT language! I am busy recommending your resources!" - Danielle Jones, USA

Teacher & Language Blogger 'Sing to learn a new language'

"I use the Language Factory !Español! Español! range with all grades even 14 year olds! The songs are perfect to revise basic vocabulary. The karaoke version of each song is a brilliant feature which I use with 11 and 12 year olds. We first practice singing the song with the lyrics and I then tell them I will record them on the karaoke version! They get excited and really practice to sing at their best! Without realising it, they practice pronunciation and intonation which are the key criterion for good speaking skills. I then put their performance on the school blog." - Alice Ayel, England

Primary Modern Language Teacher

"Hola! Language Factory. I use your songs with years 3 to 6. The favourites are the ones with catchy tunes (almost all) and the hilarious sound effects…often animals and even a big burp! That gave us a real shock last week, the children fell about laughing! It's brilliant! Mums and Dads are talking about it too! It is VERY SATISFYING! The children are a living example of how, if you start young enough, they can absorb the language like sponges, so that the next week they are asking for more! I work in a Primary school in Bishop's Cleeve, near Cheltenham and teach French and Spanish using both your Français! Français! and Español! Español! ranges." - Caroline Hatchell, Cheltenham, England

English Teacher's Association Switzerland

"Dear Language Factory I want to say a big THANK YOU for your English! English!! songs and raps. What a powerful and fun way to learn!" - Joy Cosslett, Switzerland

Primary School Teacher

"Without intending to, we (the teachers and the children!) have all learnt the words to songs in passing. Español! Español! cashes in on this innate ability. The catchy tunes and rhythms carry the Spanish lyrics deep into the memory. Children (and adults) can't stop themselves learning the words! Later, just humming the tune can trigger all the words back again! And it's great fun too! Thank you!" - Barbara Murphy, Parbold Douglas C of E Primary, Lancs., England

Specialist French Teacher

"Français! Français! is a fabulous resource, used by all our year groups. It is clearly laid out and simple to use. Every day topics are put to familiar catchy tunes which the children love! Children tell me regularly they wake up at night with the words playing in their heads! The downloadable resources that accompany the songs have been invaluable. After learning the weather song our children stood confidently in front of weather maps presenting the forecast in a role play exercise at the school assembly. Then having mastered the words, the children were well equipped to carry out a class survey. This kind of integrated approach must be the way forward. I cannot recommend the Language Factory resources highly enough. Based on familiar language topics, it provides a great starting point for the specialist and non-specialist alike." - Sue Etherington, Crossways Junior School, Thorhbury, Sth Glos, England