These downloads do not just contain MP3 AUDIO FILES of our funky teaching SONGS or RAPS. They also come with comprehensive TEACHING RESOURCES in pdf format... to enable the teacher to PRESENT the topic and TEACH the language provided in the songs. These include FLASH CARDS for presentation, SONG SHEETS, POSTERS, LISTENING GRIDS, CARD GAMES, READING ASSESSMENTS and VOCABULARY SHEETS for EACH topic. INVALUABLE, FUN tools to LIVEN UP any language class!

Each download will contain Teacher Resources such as….. Flash Cards…with and without gender coloured words!

Posters...for the classroom walls! (Your pupils will read these subconsciously throughout the day!)

Click on any of the images to view in more detail!

Listening Grids and Card Games!

Reading Assessment Sheets

Vocabulary Sheets

Song Sheets